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Crested Butte 15500 E 40th Avenue, Denver


Biblical Discernment in an Unbiblical Age

Salon D 15500 E 40th Avenue, Denver

Our grandparents were bombarded with Christian values in a world firmly grounded on faith and family. Our parents were a part of a cultural revolution in which faith became laughable and families were disassembled on a wholesale basis. And now, we find ourselves awash in a world where what is good is called evil and […]

Art History in the Homeschool: The “Why” and Strategies

Crested Butte 15500 E 40th Avenue, Denver

Some of the greatest artists of all time were devout Christians, and their work graces museum halls and even homeschool-family walls. But others are uncomfortable with the idea of art history in the home-educating Christian home… and what about art NOT created by Christians, does this dishonor Christ? Or perhaps does it honor Him? Historian and classicist, […]