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J. Aaron Gruben

Aaron lives in Texas with his wife and six children. He works full time as a veterinarian and is the author of works of varied genres. His books cover a vast diversity of subjects and often highlight historical topics that have become either distorted by political or social bias or have been forgotten by today’s public. The major goals of his writing are to bring honor to Christ and to edify, entertain, and educate readers. When not writing or repairing sick animals, Aaron enjoys reading, hiking, dancing with toddlers, and playing a variety of musical instruments.  

Do You REALLY Want To Be a Veterinarian?

(Homeschool How To)

Many families have a child who wants to be a veterinarian, but few are aware of the landmines that litter the field today. This workshop (by a homeschooled, practicing veterinarian) will examine some difficulties you can expect during vet school and after you’ve graduated from it. We’ll also look at some of the positive aspects of being a veterinarian and discuss practical tips