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Brandee Gillham

Brandee Gillham taught anatomy at the collegiate level before becoming a full-time mama and homeschooling her four cowpokes with the prayer that she will raise them to be warriors for Christ and passionate learners. Brandee continues to teach anatomy all around the country. She and her cowboy serve as fourth generation ranchers in northeast Colorado raising beef cattle, quarter horses, and chickens. If she is not at home teaching her children, she might be in a tractor or on a horse. She believes in Jesus Christ, patriotism, agriculture, hard work, and speaking the truth with love and laughter.  

Science of the Human Body: All About the Eye

$15/student, Ages 8–12 (with accompanying adult) or 13 & older (alone), limit 50, Saturday, June 19th: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

The Lord has given us such a gift in being able to see the world around us. Even Darwin himself denounced “natural selection's” ability to form the intricacies of the human eye and we will be reminded the only the Lord himself could knit together such a complicated anatomical structure. Participants will learn amazing facts about the human eye, how to draw the human eye, build it out of clay, AND then they can take it home. We complete our workshop by dissecting a preserved cow eye.