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Brandi Huerta

Brandi Huerta is a writer, theological supervisor, and biblical counseling instructor at rickthomas.net She loves to help students apply sound theology to their lives. She is the wife of Matthew and former homeschooling mother of three grown children: Chelsee, Rachel, and Josiah. She lives on the plains of Colorado, where she is active in the women’s, children’s, and counseling ministries at Grace Bible Church.  

Redeeming the Mother/Daughter Relationship

(Family Discipleship)

How can you parent a daughter well when your own relationship with your mother was difficult, even abusive? Are you doomed to repeat the sinful cycles you learned in your own family? Join me for a practical discussion about how you can be transformed into the likeness of Christ and begin to model a different picture of the Lord to your daughter, no matter your ages

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