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  2. Bridget Mosley (M. Ed.)

Bridget Mosley (M. Ed.)

Bridget heard God’s call to help others bullied for their learning struggles as a child. For over 30 years, she has answered that call as a cognitive learning specialist, speaker, consultant, reading clinic director, and currently as an author and instructor for MasterBooks Academy. In her most important job as a homeschooling mom, she helped her daughter overcome dyslexia.  

Overcoming Reading Challenges

(Homeschool How To)

Many kids struggle with reading even though they are bright. Thankfully, God has wired our kids’ brains to learn through practice. In this workshop, Bridget will show you some simple, brain-friendly techniques you can use to help grow your child’s reading brain.

She’ll cover:

  • Several ways to help your child analyze words deeply so he can easily decode and spell them (phonemic awareness skills)
  • When to review reading and spelling words (spaced practice)
  • How to practice reading with your child using specific techniques that help your child feel more confident so he can build his reading and comprehension (automatic word recognition and fluency through scaffolding) Learn these easy techniques to help your child build his reading muscle and become an independent learner.