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Brook Wayne

Brook Wayne is an author and conference speaker. She is, with her husband, Israel, a co-founder of Family Renewal. Brook is a homeschooled graduate and homeschooling mother of ten. Brook is co-author of the book, Pitchin’ A Fit! Overcoming Angry & Stressed Out Parenting. She has contributed chapters to the books, Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship, and Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask. At the age of 15, she began publishing a national magazine for young women entitled, Kindred Spirits, which she published until she married. Since that time she has written for numerous magazines and websites, including, Home School Digest, An Encouraging Word, iBelieve, and many others.  

Choosing Your Homeschool Style

(Homeschool How-To) Choosing your family’s personal approach in homeschooling can make one’s head spin! This session weighs individual learning styles, curriculum choices, and your own teaching style and provides an introduction to various methods. Given by a homeschool graduate and homeschooling mother of ten (with students ranging from Preschool-12th grade)

Handfuls of Treasure: Embracing Busy Family Life

This session seeks to remind moms of the tremendous value they are to their families, society, and the church. The unending needs and busyness of modern life can threaten to steal the realization that our hands are holding, guiding and directing eternal souls. Come have your perspective sharpened on living out Biblical womanhood in the family in a winsome manner, as well as gain practical application.

Encouragement for Young Moms

Training a child is a lot easier sounding on paper than lived out in real life. Brook Wayne encourages moms with little ones in practical ways to; train children, inspire listening skills, initiate meaningful conversations, and gently guide a child’s heart when correction is needed. This session also explores the need for young moms to take time to nurture their own souls, as they seek to discipline and lead their children.