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Creating A Masterpiece

Foster your student’s artistic promise with special courses from Creating a Masterpiece. This assortment of projects is available in a live demonstration exclusively at the Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference this year. There are two opportunities available for two different age ranges/skill levels.  

Artistic Adventures 1 - Pencil & Oil Pastel

$8/student, Ages 6 – and up, limit 80, Thursday, June 16th: 10:20am – 12:20pm

PROJECT 1: The instructors will lead children through the process of making a colored pencil drawing with a live demonstration and offer encouraging tips that will transform your child’s ideas of what fine art is all about. Children learn:

    • Foundational drawing techniques.
    • Beginning shading and value.
    • That art is a skill anyone can master. Children will walk away with a finished drawing project and a newfound enthusiasm for drawing the objects that they didn’t think they could create.
PROJECT 2: Introduction to oil pastel techniques. Children learn: How to use oil pastels on specialty paper, the applied stages of progressing through a beginning landscape project, and that fine art is a skill they really can master!  

Artistic Adventures 2 - Black & White Colored Pencil

Ages 10 – and up, limit 80, Saturday, June 18th: 10:20am – 12:20pm

PROJECT 1: Students will create a landscape sketch in black and white colored pencil. They will love this project and will learn:

    • How to progress through the basic stages of a landscape project.
    • That value and shading dramatically impact the quality of a fine art drawing.
    • That fine art is a skill anyone can master. It is not simply a talent only a select few have. Children will walk away with a finished fine art project and a newfound enthusiasm for drawing the objects that they love and see in the world around them every day.
PROJECT 2: Students will focus on creating three dimensional subjects in soft pastel and learn the following:
    • How to create a three-dimensional effect in their project.
    • To move back to front in a project.
    • The importance of proportion in perspective.
    • How to use shading to communicate the sources of light.

Students will love designing their own projects in colored pencil and soft pastel. When they finish they will have been introduced to the core concepts they need to know to begin creating beautiful art of their own.