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Deborah Wuehler

Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, wife to Richard, and has been homeschooling for over 25 years. She has graduated 6 of her 8 children and has one middle and one high school student to go. She is an author, speaker, and devotional leader. Her most popular workshop is Homeschooling the Rebel. Deborah’s passion is to encourage homeschool families to keep their focus on Christ and His Word, and to let them know they are making the best educational choice possible when they choose to keep their children home where they belong.  

Education: Why the Teacher Should be YOU!

(Biblical Worldview)

If Godly children are the answer to the evils of the future, then Godly parents are the answer to the question of who should be teaching them. God desires parents that will teach the next generation not only academically, but most importantly, Biblically, so that the outcome is not only good for the society, but the church, the student, and our future generations. YOU are the answer to who should be the teacher that will most positively affect our future. Deborah's passion is to remind homeschool families that they are making the best educational choice possible when they choose to keep their children Home Where They Belong.

Womanhood and Discipleship: Our Influence and Ministry

(Family Discipleship)

What are the life goals we have for our own heart, our home, our marriage, and our children? We will discuss how living as a woman who is a disciple of Christ brings us great influence and ministry in all of these areas. We will talk about the rewards of keeping our goals God-centered, and find out where we find help and wisdom for living this kind of life. Based on Proverbs 24:3-4, “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”