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Dell Cook

Dell Cook holds two masters degrees (M.Div and ThM) in theology. He has served in several camp ministries around the nation as well as Director of Student Ministries in North Carolina and Florida. He is currently the Headmaster of Sandhills Classical Christian School (SCCS) in Pinehurst, NC. Before taking that position, Dell served as Headmaster at Cary Christian School in Cary, NC where he also taught Theology, Apologetics, Church History, Old & New Testament and coached varsity football. Dell, his wife Ginny, and their three children live in North Carolina.  

The Excellent Life

(Biblical Worldview)

What is so “good” about the Good News? Manifesting a biblical worldview leads toward a life that reflects God’s Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The result is an alluring and captivating “fleshing out” of the Gospel. This talk examines the principles of an Excellent Life, as seen in 1 Peter.

The Problem of Pain

(Biblical Worldview)

If God is all-powerful and all-good, why is there so much pain, suffering and evil in the world? This is one of the most common and pressing questions that Christians face. This lecture addresses some of the possible answers, and pitfalls, to this issue.

Christian Ethics

(Biblical Worldview)

As a man thinks, so he acts. This topic examines the principles of living well in the midst of a world that doesn’t.