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Justina Thurston

Justina is first and foremost, a classical Christian. She is a lover of Jesus Christ and views the world through a Christ-centered perspective. She earned a degree in music therapy and has worked in music therapy and as an early childhood music teacher for over 18 years as well as performing as an oboist and singer. She also participates in music ministry and teaches Sunday school using her Westminster Shorter Catechism songs. She is a home educator to her three children ages 14, 12, and 9. She is a fanatic of inspiring quotes and things of great beauty, a passionate advocate for children, and a history enthusiast.  

The Importance of Including Music and Fine Arts in Home School

(Homeschool How To) Music is something we can enjoy and participate in from birth to death. It is a great enhancement throughout each stage of development. Whether or not you want your child to be a proficient musician, he or she will benefit from participating in active music making in your homeschool by improving academics and as part of being a well-rounded human being.