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Marcia Washburn

Marcia Washburn, BA, BMEd, offers support and strategies for parents, writers, business owners, and musicians. Her wide experiences as the homeschool mother of five sons, educator, conference coordinator, business owner, and speaker, make her an asset treasured by organizations seeking her services. The author of over a dozen books, Marcia enjoys speaking to groups of all sizes and is noted for her transparent, practical, and encouraging presentations.  

Hands-On Math Activities

(Homeschool How To)

Many children (and parents!) struggle with math. Exploring math concepts by handling real things, instead of just using paper and pencil activities, can greatly improve understanding. This workshop presents many hands-on activities and games that can be made from readily available materials at minimal cost. Detailed handouts will be distributed. This material can be presented in lecture format or with attendees actually participating in the games and activities (more fun!).

Managing a Business While Managing Your Home

( Family Discipleship)

Many women are seeking ways to contribute to the household income without neglecting their calling as wives and mothers. How does a busy mom balance the needs of her family with the demands of operating a home business? Marcia shares important insights gleaned from her experience running three home businesses while homeschooling her five sons.