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Michelle Christensen

Michelle willingly shares her adventures and misadventures. She married her High School sweetheart shortly after graduation and started her journey of motherhood quite young. Her experiences have given her quite an education! Michelle will tell you that she does not have credentials to be an author or mentor, no PhD, no special training or abilities. BUT she serves a big God whose grace and mercy has been with her throughout her journey. Farm wife, mother of 5, grandma of 8 (so far), and mentor mom. She has a tender heart and a desire to follow wherever God leads her.  

Your Race/ Your Pace

(Homeschool How To)

For some of us homeschooling is an easy 50-yard dash. Others seem to be running a marathon. Michelle shares how she felt like her homeschooling years included an obstacle course, a mud pit and a 12-foot wall, but with God’s help and guidance she made it to the finish line. She helps parents to embrace their own individual homeschool race no matter what it looks like, whether that means walking the track or sprinting over the finish line. If you need a bit of encouragement and a little bit of cheerleading Michelle will definitely lift your spirits and help you see that no matter who you are or what your family dynamics and learning styles are, you can homeschool successfully.

A Home of Hospitality

(Family Discipleship)

God calls us to be hospitable, but what does that really mean? It’s easy to confuse hospitality with event planning. Explore the thought of having a heart of hospitality and how very different that is from event planning. Michelle shares how her family has happily hosted numerous people in their home without losing their minds or creating a perfect venue. She believes that sharing her heart with others shouldn’t be limited by her inability to create the perfect show home or set a stunning table. She wants to help you find joy in having a hospitable home.

Mornings Only; Homeschool in 4 Hours/Day

(Homeschool How To)

Can a homeschooling family actually accomplish schoolwork in only a few hours each day? Michelle will tell you that it is absolutely possible; that is how her family schooled. With her usual candor, humor, and wisdom she will explain why it made sense for her family, give encouragement, and provide practical tips on how this could work in your home. If you are feeling overwhelmed by long school days or wondering how to homeschool and meet other demands that are part of your family’s dynamics, allow Michelle to encourage you -Mommy You Got This!