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Michelle Ross

Michelle’s passion for education and family was formed early on through homeschooling and her own family’s work in foster care. It’s why she started her career teaching in a 7th grade classroom where she formed a love for helping kids learn and thrive. After seeing the power of tech in the classroom, Michelle entered a rotational management program with Apple and eventually joined McKinsey where she was tasked with launching a project to scale tech-based learning programs designed to help unemployed young people find jobs. After two years with McKinsey and earning an MBA at Kellogg, Michelle knew she wanted to start a company of her own that met the kinds of needs she’s seen through her own life and career.  

Children & Screen Addiction: Finding Safety, Sanity, and Balance Raising Kids in a Digital World


More than ever, our kids are growing up in two worlds: the “real” world, and the digital world. While technology offers incredible benefits, the problems of too much screen time are becoming increasingly clear. From cyberbullying to explicit content to growing concerns over mental health and development, it's a brave new world and studies are showing that the impacts are profound and generational. How is technology truly affecting and changing our children? How can families find the right balance with screens at home? Join family tech expert and homeschool graduate Michelle Ross of COSMO Technologies for this session on how to find sanity, safety, and balance with kids in a screen-filled world.