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Paul Hastings

Paul Hastings is a podcaster and entrepreneur. He has consulted extensively in the film, marketing, and political arenas. He is the host of "Compelled", a podcast telling unique stories about God working through people's lives. He has also produced several award-winning short films and industrial pieces. His work has been featured by Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk, World Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, American Family Association, TheBlaze, CBN News, WND, and more. Paul, his wife, and their three children live near Austin, Texas and attend Redemption Hill Church.  
  No Fee, Ages 13 – teen, limit 100, Thursday, June 16th: 10:20am – 12:20pm

What is a Leader - Tools for Leadership?

Being a leader is more than being the loudest person in the room or having the smartest ideas. It's more than being the most admired or the most famous. Paul shares a mixture of humorous personal experiences, impactful testimonies, and Scripture that shed light on the meaning of leadership.

Tools for Leadership

Everyone is a leader. What kind are you? Paul shares 7 practical steps to developing leadership. Teens will be entertained, and inspired hearing Paul share lessons from his own leadership journey and will walk away with real-life applications drawn from Scripture.