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Peggy Ployhar

Peggy Ployhar, SPED Homeschool Founder & CEO, is a physicist turned home educator who left a lucrative career in the medical device industry to teach the struggling learners in her own home after her oldest son’s diagnosis with Asperger Syndrome. Peggy is the former THSC (Texas Home School Coalition) Special Needs Team Lead, MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators) Special Needs Coordinator and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Area Coordinator for MN, ND and SD. She is certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors and trained as a Precept Bible Study leader. (She is also very open about her own autistic tendencies and quirkiness.)  

Shedding Light on Depression

(Family Discipleship)

Peggy Ployhar knows first-hand how dark and limiting depression can be as a youth and young-adult who struggled with depression and as a parent who walked two of her children through the dark road of depression. As a biblical counselor, Peggy transformed her experiential insight of depression in the same manner that God revealed Himself and His truths to pull her and her children out of the pit of despair. This talk biblically dissects depression, exposes the darkness, and in very practical ways reveals how to shed the true Light of Christ into a life darkened by depression.

Flipping Special Needs Homeschooling

(Homeschool How To)

In this talk, Peggy dives into the history of the special education system and where many of the current practices of teaching students with special needs stem from and how they have affected our preconceived notions on how to best teach a student with special needs. But then, with a twist of hope, she also shares how parents can take advantage of their homeschooling freedoms to flip these practices and homeschool their special needs students with renewed purpose to pursue their student’s God-given gifts and talents.

Incorporating Mom-Care Into Your Homeschooling Schedule


How is a homeschooling mom to care for herself when she can barely take care of the house, teach her kids, and sometimes even attempt juggling a full or part-time job? The answer is creative planning and a focused perspective. In this talk, Peggy will share her own story of near burnout and how that experience led her to many realizations about how and why it was so important to prioritize her own care to keep everything balanced in her home as well as how she creatively plans to ensuring self-care into her busy working and homeschooling schedule.

An Eclectic Approach to Homeschooling Charlotte Mason

(Homeschool How To)

Using the Charlotte Mason pillars for instruction as a framework for homeschooling can open up wonderful opportunities for learning while providing the freedom to customize curriculum and pace to meet the needs of your family and your students. Peggy Ployhar, SPED Homeschool Founder & CEO, takes the three basic pillars of the Charlotte Mason methodology (home environment, character training, and lifestyle learning) and expands them by sharing eclectic parenting and homeschooling ideas she has used over her 18 years of homeschooling. In this session families will be equipped with lots of practical ways for using the Charlotte Mason pillars in their homes they can easily implement into whatever homeschooling framework they choose to use.

Homeschooling Special Education High School

(Homeschooling How To)

Homeschooling high school with your special needs student doesn’t have to seem like a daunting prospect. Peggy Ployhar, the CEO of SPED Homeschool, has graduated two sons with special needs as well as helped countless other parents walk the special needs homeschooling road. In this talk, Peggy shares ideas from how to pick curriculum, write a transcript, prepare a transition plan, and record keeping strategies you must consider if your child will need accommodations and modifications in college, in testing for college entrance, or for workforce placement.