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Rob Rienow

Dr. Rob Rienow’s most important ministry is loving his wife Amy, and partnering with her to help their seven children follow Jesus. He and Amy are co-founders of Visionary Family Ministries, whose mission is to build the Church through a global reformation of family discipleship. He trains family ministry leaders around the world and is the author of the new book Visionary Church: How Your Church Can Strengthen Families. When Rob is not fishing for men he enjoys fishing for fish.  

Parenting Through Spiritual Struggle (Helping Kids & Teens Who Are Apathetic Toward Spiritual Things)

(Family Discipleship)

We love to see our children succeed, whether it be in their school work, sports, or music. But what about when our kids are struggling spiritually? How can we respond when they seem to have little or no interest in spiritual things? This message will encourage you to make your relationship with your child your top priority, toward the mission of helping them follow Jesus.

Helping Siblings Become Best Friends in Christ - Casting Christian vision and practical principles for sibling relationships

(Family Discipleship)

What is God’s plan for sibling relationships? Do you have a plan to help your children become best friends in Christ? Join Dr. Rob Rienow for this important workshop on sibling relationships. You will come away with practical ways to help your children build strong spiritual connections with one another.

Your Family and God’s Plan for the World

(Family Discipleship)

Do you know why God brought your family together? Discover why God created families, and why He gave you your children

The Power of Family Worship - How to Pray and Read the Bible as a Family Without Killing Each Other.

(Family Discipleship)

As God began to impress Deuteronomy 6:7 upon my heart, I was haunted with a question, “What am I doing with this responsibility and calling that God has given me to impress the hearts of my children with a love for God?” I was doing a lot to help encourage faith and character in other people’s kids at church but hardly anything with my own children. With my spiritual opportunities at work, I was hitting a home run. With my spiritual responsibilities, I was failing miserably. God was now turning my heart to my primary life mission: to impress God’s truth and love upon the hearts of my wife and children.