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Teri Maxwell

Happily Married for 45 years with eight fantastic children (now adults) and excited grandparents to 17, Steve and Teri enthusiastically homeschooled for thirty years! Steve writes a weekly e-newsletter called Seriously Dad, which is a short, encouraging read for all dads. Teri writes a monthly e-newsletter for moms called Mom’s Corner, challenging and motivating moms. Steve and Teri have written a number of books including Managers of Their Chores, Managers of Their Schools, Keeping Our Children’s Hearts, Preparing Sons, and Buying a House Debt-Free.  

Help for the Time-Pressured Mom

(Homeschool How-To, Family Discipleship) Universally, homeschooling moms face a daunting task as they fit school into already busy days. In this session, Teri shares practical, proven time-management methods from her book Managers of Their Homes. As a homeschooling mom of eight for 30 years, the Lord taught Teri these simple, but workable solutions to the difficulty homeschooling moms have of “getting is ALL done.” Gain new hope as you hear results from moms who have applied these methods. They moved from chaos, stress, and disorganization to peace, contentment, and productivity. You can as well!

The Family Chores Team: Using Chores to Facilitate Homeschooling

(Homeschool How-To, Family Discipleship) Can you picture the children teaming up to help ease your burden of keeping the house clean and orderly while they learn responsibility and what it takes to manage a home? Tens of thousands of moms prove it is possible, every day. Why not join them? In this workshop, Teri will show you how to incorporate chores into your homeschool day with joy for everyone.