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Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson is a dad, granddad, writer, conference speaker, and former pastor. Todd’s humor and down to earth realness have made him a favorite speaker at homeschool conventions, retreats, and churches across the country. As a founder of Familyman Ministries and the Smiling Homeschooler, his passion and mission are to remind dads and moms of what’s most important through weekly emails, seminars, and books and products that encourage parents. Todd and his wife, Debbie, homeschool three of their eight children (five have graduated) in northern Indiana and travel America in the Familyman Mobile.  

Taming the Techno Beast - Parenting in the INTERNET Age

(Biblical Worldview)

Technology has changed the way we live, have fun, and interact. Today’s latest-breaking technology becomes tomorrow’s obsession, demanding more time, attention, and sacrifices. Technology has become a powerful tool and ‘everyone is doing it’…but maybe you feel like you’ve lost control in your own home. Does the chill down your spine tell you that something is terribly wrong? Do you feel like a beast has invaded your home, but you don’t know how to handle it? If so, then join me as we talk together about the timely topic of taming the TECHNO-BEAST!

Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad

(Family Discipleship)

You may not crack open a book, work through a curriculum, or call it school, but it's your job to train your children. Join me as we look at the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of training our children. Now don't worry, I won't make you feel guilty or give you a forty-six point outline, but I promise to tell it straight and to encourage you in the best job there is - fathering.

An Unbeatable Homeschool Team

(Family Discipleship)

Marriage is really hard! Yet when it is right and good, it can withstand anything. The truth is a mediocre marriage sucks the joy right out of life and your homeschool. The economy can swing up, your checking account can be healthy, your home and vehicles can purr like kittens, and the kids can behave like angels, and life still…stinks. That’s because marriage matters. Join Todd Wilson, The Familyman, for a time of laughter and encouragement as he shares real life stories, problems, and frustrations along with practical, simple solutions to having a marriage that can‘t be beat!

Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World

(Father Son Lunch - Advanced Reservation and Fee Required)

Let’s face it! Most men today are weenies. They flex their biceps and proclaim their faith, but when the going gets tough…they play it safe. Truth is: God wants your sons to leave the heavily-populated, safe waters and live dangerously. But, that doesn’t come naturally. Everyone around them, from the talking heads in the media to pastors in the pulpit, keep repeating, “Play it safe.” Here’s a secret: dangerous living leads to joy, family happiness, and real success while safe living results in worry, family failure, and heartache. So join Todd as he encourages you and your sons to GET DANGEROUS.

10 Things You Need to Teach Your Daughter Before She Graduates

(Family Discipleship)

When you’re choosing what to teach your daughter it really boils down to what matters and what doesn’t. The only problem is that everyone seems to have a different answer. Experts stand on every street corner shouting something different. It’s enough to give a well-meaning parent a headache and an ulcer. After all, what if you forget to teach her something important, dooming your daughter to a life of misery and failure? Problem solved. During this hour, Todd will cut away the tall grass and share with you the top 10 Things You Need to Teach Your Daughter before She Graduates that guarantees happiness and success.