Add-on Learning Screenings

Looking for extra help understanding your children’s needs and finding ways to make education work well for their specific learning styles? Consider these opportunities available at the conference tailored just for homeschooling parents and their children.

All screenings are:

  • Bonus Day on Wednesday, June 14th 
  • Onsite at the convention center or online (zoom meeting) if applicable
  • Available as an add-on to your full conference pass (specific cost noted below)
  • One Child Per Family for each Learning Screening
  • Deadline to sign up is June 2nd


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Blocked Learning Gate Screenings

Dianne Craft and Cassie Moore will be providing screening to identify your child’s blocked learning gates.  Learning gates can be considered information pathways.  When we speak of a blocked learning gate, we mean that the processing skill has not transferred into the Automatic Brain Hemisphere. The child continues to need to concentrate on the processing task because of this lack of transfer.  This screening will evaluate the effectiveness of your child’s four learning gates.

  1. Visual Processing Gate: The act of moving the eyes over a page from left to right is not a naturally developed trait.  
  2. Writing Processing Gate:  When the child’s visual/spatial skills, or the act of writing, haven’t transferred into the automatic hemisphere, he often looks like he’s “sloppy, lazy or unmotivated.”  
  3. Auditory Processing Gate:  A child, who is suffering with an Auditory Processing Problem, generally has trouble with reading.  
  4. Focus/Attention Gate:  A child may look like he has no memory, or a true learning disability, when what is really going on is that this child has to use too much battery energy to remain focused during the instruction or completing the lesson.  


Dianne and Cassie will discuss each learning gate individually and show you the corrections that can be made by the parent.  The cost of participation is $10 and will be entirely donated to the Unique Learners Fund. Please note: One child per family.  These screenings will be conducted online through an appointment made directly with Right Brain Learning Systems.

Reading Screenings

Reading Screenings with Bridget Mosley, M. Ed., Cognitive Learning Specialist:

Bridget offers reading screenings for families of children aged 5+. Screenings take 10 minutes and include an additional 5-minute debrief with parents. You’ll learn your child’s reading level, fluency rate, word accuracy rate, and comprehension level, which will help you develop the next steps in your child’s reading program.

The cost of participation is $10 and will be entirely donated to the Casterline Single Moms Fund. Please note: One child per family

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