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We founded Brave Books because while we were trying to raise our children to love their God and country, we became more and more aware that there is a real war being waged for the hearts and minds of the next generation.  There is an agenda to confuse and demoralize our children and make them hate their country and the values that it was founded upon.

To us, it felt like a one-sided battle. That’s why BRAVE Books created an alternative to the current progressive agenda dominating children’s literature. Each book teaches a new traditional value that makes America so special. With the universe and cast of characters we have created as well as the BRAVE Challenges, we are creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience woven into an epic adventure that will live forever in your children’s hearts and minds.

With a multi-saga plot, we hope these books will stay with your kids throughout their childhood and will equip them with a BRAVE spirit to combat the very real battle we face as a nation today.

Speaker Sessions

Story Hour with Team Brave and The Candy Calamity

(Kid’s Activity)

Bongo is a brave gorilla who lives on Freedom Island and loves nothing more than candy—but his cravings come with an unexpected cost. When Lester the pirate starts raiding the camel caravan, Bongo realizes just how much his habits affect him. Meanwhile, Rebel is so focused on fitness that she’s forgetting to eat! Join team BRAVE in the Deserted Desert as they learn that health is all about moderation and self-control.

Story Hour with Sky Tree and As You Grow written by Kirk Cameron

(Kid’s Activity)

Watch Sky Tree grow into a haven for Freedom Island and a symbol of hope for all. Starting from a seed, Sky Tree has grown into a massive tree through the trials and triumphs along the way. As you track the gentle giant’s growth, read the words of wisdom that guided this tree, and learn about love, joy, and gentleness with your family through the BRAVE challenge at the end of the book.

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