Conference Speakers

Deb Weakly

Help Club for Moms


Deb Weakly is a co-founder of Help Club for Moms, a ministry of moms encouraging other moms to know the great love of Jesus Christ. Deb loves to share Christ-centered inspiration and ideas to help moms in every season to know Jesus more intimately, cultivate a strong marriage, disciple their children, and establish a joy-filled Christian home. She is a contributing writer to the book of the same name, The Help Club for Moms: Inspirational and Practical Help for You, Your Home, and Your Family, and also ten other encouraging devotional books in The Wise Woman series.

Speaker Sessions

Homeschooling By Faith

(Family Discipleship)

Friend, God has great plans for your homeschool that are exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or imagine. He really does! No matter your level of education or organization, God can do anything, and He will help you homeschool your children as you come to Him. Join Deb Weakly for encouragement, ideas, and practical advice to help you have the best homeschool year ever!

What to do When You Keep Losing It (with Daughter Krystle)

(Family Discipleship)

Are you on your last straw? Losing it with your kids more than you would like to admit? If you are looking for some extra strength and patience in this homeschooling season, Deb and Krystle from Help Club for Moms are here to help. We know this journey can feel long and tiring at times, but with the proper tools and Christ-centered perspective, you can end your school days with a smile on your face. You are not going to want to miss it.

Discipleship: Passing on the Faith (with Daughter Krystle)

(Family Discipleship)

Do you struggle with wondering if you have what it takes to raise your children to love God in our current culture? It can feel scary at times, but the good news is you are not alone. God will help you! As homeschoolers, we have the unique privilege of leading our kids to know God and follow Him. Join Deb and Krystle from Help Club for Moms for encouragement, practical tips, and faith-filled ideas to help you feel confident in reaching the heart of your child for Christ.

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