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Sonya Shafer

Simply Charlotte Mason


Sonya Shafer is a popular homeschool speaker and writer, specializing in the Charlotte Mason Method. She has been on an adventure for more than 20 years studying, researching, practicing, and teaching Charlotte’s gentle and effective methods of education. Her passion for homeschooling her own four daughters grew into helping others and then into Simply Charlotte Mason, which publishes her many books and provides a place of practical encouragement to homeschoolers at SimplyCharlotteMason.com.

Speaker Sessions

Lessons From the Valley

(Homeschool How-To’s, Unique Learners)

After her youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism, Sonya found herself in a spiritual valley. Though your valley may look different, the giants that she encountered there may seem eerily similar to your own. Learn what Scriptures the Lord used to help her overcome five giants in the valley: the giants named Fear, Faltering Faith, Uncertainty, Guilt, and Self-Pity.

Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits in Your Homeschool

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Discover the secret to smooth and easy days: habit training. Learn how to instill good habits, which habits Charlotte Mason encouraged parents to cultivate in their children, and practical tips for cultivating the Top Three.

Using Charlotte Mason With Special Needs

(Homeschool How-To’s, Unique Learners)

Yes, you can use Charlotte Mason principles and methods with a special needs child. Sonya shares what she has learned from more than 20 years of teaching her daughter with autism, pervasive developmental delays, and language processing issues.

The Early Years: Homeschooling Your Preschooler

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Give your child what is most important. Instead of academic or social pressures, Charlotte Mason encouraged mothers to give their little ones a full six years of developing good habits, getting acquainted with nature, exploring with the five senses, growing in their spiritual lives, and more.

Little Changes, Big Results: Habits for Teens and Adults

(Homeschool How-To’s)

When you’re dealing with habits, little changes can add up to big results. In this session for teens and adults, you’ll learn what is involved in cultivating your own habits (and how it’s different from cultivating them in your children), explore a handful of little changes that can give you big results, and be encouraged to embrace those habits that will set you up for success and shape your life.

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