Conference Speakers

Bradley Pierce, JD

Heritage Defense


Bradley Pierce is a co-founding attorney of Heritage Defense. Since being licensed in 2007, Bradley has defended the parental rights of Christian homeschooling families around the country against threats by social services. Bradley and his wife, Cindy, are homeschool graduates who are now blessed to homeschool their own ten children.

Speaker Sessions

Parenting Tips I've Learned From Handling Hundreds of CPS Cases

(Family Discipleship)

Help avoid your worst legal nightmares. Come learn practical, down-to-earth parenting tips from an experienced parental rights attorney. Bradley shares powerful stories of cases he has worked with and lessons learned to help you know what to avoid. Session includes Q&A.

Eight Laws Every Colorado Parent Should Know

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Can a social worker come into your home without a warrant? How old does your child have to be to leave them home alone? Part of protecting your parental rights is being informed on the laws in your state. Come learn eight laws that every Colorado parent should know. Session includes Q&A, so come with your questions and ask a lawyer who has a heart for homeschoolers.

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