Conference Speakers

Brandee Gillham


Brandee and her cowboy husband enjoy serving as fourth generation ranchers. She is so thankful she left the world of teaching collegiate anatomy to become a full-time mama. The Lord called her to spend her days homeschooling her four cowpokes (with one of those precious boys already in heaven). Her deepest prayer is that she will raise these men to be warriors for Christ and passionate learners. She encourages others by telling them that no time invested in our children will ever be wasted. She believes in Jesus Christ, home discipleship, patriotism, agriculture, hard work, and speaking the truth with love and laughter. 

Speaker Sessions

Biblical Worldview

The Anatomy of Christianity

(Biblical Worldview)

The more intricately we explore human anatomy and physiology, the more obvious creation by God becomes. The more scientific research discovers about the function of the human body, the more obvious a planned, intelligent design of God becomes. Up until the late 18th century, the purpose of science was seen as a direct search for God. Join me as we look at the specific anatomical structures and functions of the human body that point us directly to the creator himself, God!

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