Categories are assigned to each workshop to give a quick preview of the content and help narrow down your interests. The workshops are organized into one of three categories: Biblical Worldview, Family Discipleship, or Homeschool How-Tos.

Each category below is sorted alphabetically. To find a description of the workshop simply click on the name of the speaker. If you would like to see the sessions listed in chronological order, take a look at the full schedule.

Biblical Worldview Biblical Worldview Sessions

    Astronomy: Declaring the Glory of God Brian Mariani
    Creating a Biblical Culture in the Home Kirk Smith
    Critical Race Theory: A different Gospel
    Wil & Meeke Addison
    Do: The importance of Taking Action and Doing Real Things Victoria Schurter
    Education: Does God Have An Opinion? Israel Wayne
    God and Government: What Does the Bible Teach About the Role of Government and the Duty of Christians? Alex Newman
    Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview Israel Wayne
    Origin of Life, Mutations, Natural Selection, and the Complexity of DNA Brian Mariani
    Pro-Life Apologetics
    Beaverly Jacobson
    Questions to Ask to Help Children Launch Well Kathy Koch
    Raising Politically Incorrect Pink and Blue Kids in a Purple World Todd Wilson
    Remaining Pure in a Sensual Culture Kirk Smith
    Sex, Lies and Childhood: How You Can Identify and Inoculate Your Kids (and yourself!) Against the Biggest Lies of Woke Culture Heidi St John
    Solutions: How to Protect Our Liberty and Civilization Alex Newman
    Legislative Update: Freedom Under Siege Carolyn Martin
    Teaching Biblical Worldview & Absolute Truth Through God’s Creation Eryn Lynum
    Teaching Science as Natural Theology Eryn Lynum
    Teaching the Thrill, The Theme, The Triumphs, and Tragedies of History Kevin Swanson
    The Truth about School Choice Alex Newman
    Threats to Education, Freedom and Homeschooling in the US and Worldwide Alex Newman
    What Happened to the Dinosaurs? Brian Mariani
    Who’s Got Next?
    Wil & Meeke Addison
    Why Most Americans Struggle with Reading Alex Newman



    Homeschool How-To’s Sessions

    8 Great Smarts ; Discovering and Using Your Child’s Intelligences Kathy Koch
    8 Laws Every Colorado Parent Should Know Bradley Pierce
    Ask: Why Learning to Ask Good Questions is Far More Important than Knowing Answers Victoria Schurter
    Children Can Thrive: Problem Solve so Their Needs are Met Kathy Koch
    Considerations Before Starting a Family Business Israel Wayne
    Crafting Believable Worlds for Fiction Writers Chuck Black
    Cultivating Your Child’s Unique Gifts Yvonne Strachan
    Embrace God’s Vital Gift of Rest for Your Family and Homeschool Eryn Lynum
    Encouragement for the Single Parent Sue Wales
    Focus Children’s Thinking to Increase Learning and Decrease Frustration Kathy Koch
    Game On for Homeschooling: How Board Games Inspire Fearless Learning Tara Roehl
    Guiding the Gifted Learner Teri Spray
    Help and Hope for Reading Challenges Andrea Pittman
    Homeschool as a Lifestyle, Not an Assignment Trisha Powell
    Homeschool With Confidence Yvonne Strachan
    Homeschooling for the Long Haul Beaverly Jacobson
    Homeschooling in the Military Natalie Mack
    HS&B 7 Skills Dual Enrolled Students Need to Succeed Shellie Doub
    HS&B Charting Your Way Through High School for College, Career, or Military Natalie Mack
    HS&B Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans Natalie Mack
    HS&B Getting Started with Internships in the trades Q&A Mike Wales
    HS&B Help! The High School Years Are Coming! Roger & Jan Smith
    HS&B High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips Natalie Mack
    HS&B Trades in a Healthy Biblical Environment Michael Smith
    Inspire Creativity Through God’s Creation: Using Nature & Scripture in the Art Eryn Lynum
    Learning to teach Like Jesus Did: Through Nature Eryn Lynum
    Lies Homeschoolers Believe Todd Wilson
    Military Community Community Meet Up Kashia Davis
    Putting ADHA into Focus Andrea Pittman
    Questions to Ask to Help Children Launch Well Kathy Koch
    Revolutionize Teaching Your Contradictory Child Yvonne Strachan
    RVing, the Ultimate Tool for Families Todd Wilson
    Sat Intro to Homeschool Aimee Furman
    Simple Solutions for Struggling Learners Teri Spray
    Spanish Community Meet Up Kashia Davis
    Surviving & Thriving in Transition Beaverly Jacobson
    Techno-Parenting: Navigating Screens and Media Israel Wayne
    The Anatomy of Christianity Gilham Brandee
    The Busy Mom’s Guide™ to Daylight: How to Fit Your Size 16 Day Into a Size 10 Heidi St John
    The F.E.A.S.T. of the Charlotte Mason Method Julie Ross
    The Gentle Art of Homeschooling- the essential tools of a Charlotte Mason Education Julie Ross
    UL Hold That Thought: Strategies for Building Working Memory Tara Roehl
    Unique Learner Community Meet Up Kashia Davis
    Working & Homeschooling – How to Manage Both & Trust God With the Results Trisha Powell



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