Categories are assigned to each workshop to give a quick preview of the content and help narrow down your interests. The workshops are organized into one of three categories: Biblical Worldview, Family Discipleship, or Homeschool How-Tos.

Each category below is sorted alphabetically. To find a description of the workshop simply click on the name of the speaker. If you would like to see the sessions listed in chronological order, take a look at the full schedule.

Biblical Worldview Biblical Worldview Sessions

10 Most Fascinating People from World History Solomon Schmidt
5 of the World’s Greatest Adventures Solomon Schmidt
5 Ways God used Homeschooling to Strengthen My Faith and Prepare Me to Engage the World Kathryn Gomes
Apologetics Applied: How do we Respond to LGBTQ+ Ideology Renton Rathbun
Biblical Basis for True Authority – Part 1 Bill Jack
Biblical basis for True Authority – Part 2 Bill Jack
BIG Apologetics Renton Rathbun
Creation vs Evolution Bill Jack
Dinosaurs and the Bible Jason Lisle
Dinosaurs, Ice-Age, and the Pre-Flood World Brian Young
Grace to Grieve Andrea Waitley
Introduction to Apologetics Renton Rathbun
Logic and the Christian Faith Jason Lisle
Preteens, Teens, and Medical Consent Bradley Pierce
Regeneration and the Believer’s Assurance – 1 John 15:13 – GS Paul Washer
Responding Biblically to Conflict Lisa Schmidt
Responding Biblically to Guilt and Shame Lisa Schmidt
Responding Biblically to Temptation Lisa Schmidt
Rethinking Adam Brian Young
Science Confirms the Bible Jason Lisle
Spiritual Warfare: Fighting for Your Family Chuck Black
Supernatural Selection Brian Young
The Gospel of Jesus Christ – Romans 3:23-27 – GS Paul Washer
The Problem of the Unbeliever in Apologetics Renton Rathbun
The Titus 2 Woman – Is She Relevant for Today? Lisa Schmidt
Ultimate Proof of Creation Jason Lisle
Unveil the Bible with Creativity Davy Liu
What Were They Thinking, What are You Thinking Bill Jack
When the Left Rules Carolyn Martin
Why am I Here? Answering Your kids’ Craving for Life Purpose Jeff Meyer
Why Kids Walk Away from Their Faith and What to Do About It – GS Jeff Meyer
Worldview and Apologetics Renton Rathbun
WWJD!?!? Bill Jack

Family Discipleship Sessions

Anchored in Christ in the Storms of Life Norm Wakefield
Building Resilience in Your Kids Durenda Wilson
Building Tomorrow’s Generation (While Cleaning up Spilled Milk) Marcia Washburn
Call to Arms: The Guts and Glory of Courageous Fatherhood Chuck Black
Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators Andrew Pudewa
Correct, Not Criticize: Getting Children to Respond to Your Instruction Connie Albers
Discipleship: Passing on the Faith Deb Weakly
Dreaming Big: Have You Reached Your Potential? Jim Ryun
Father/Son Lunch: Thriving in a World of Compromise Chuck Black
Homeschooling By Faith Deb Weakly
Homeschooling Diverse Families in a Toxic World Shari McMinn
New to Homeschool Seminar – Foundational Principles and Vision for Homeschooling Steve Craig
Nurturing Mother Daughter Relationships Michelle Christensen
Preaching the Truth to Yourself and Your Child – GS Ruth Chou Simons
Raising Kids Who Stand for Truth When it Counts – GS Jeff Meyer
Raising Warriors Brandee Gillham
Respect to Whom Respect is Due Brandi Huerta
Rising to the Call: Can you Recognize God’s Call in Your Life? Norm Wakefield
The 7 Habits of Joy-Filled Families Danny Craig
The Calling Out of Sons: Recognizing God’s Work between Fathers and Sons Norm Wakefield
The Great Reward: How Knowing God Changes Everything Danny Craig
The Ideal Homeschooling Mother Marcia Washburn
What my Mom Did Right, What my Mom Did Wrong( Thoughts from a 2nd Generation Homeschooler) Kathryn Gomes
What to do When You Keep Losing It Deb Weakly


Homeschool How-To’s Sessions

Helping Your Kids Conquer Fear and Communicate with Passion Jeff Meyer
A Charlotte Mason Education in an Orwellian and Brave New World Ana Willis
All About inventory: Creating a Manageable Homeschool Environment Dawn Madsen
Beethoven Who, Family Fun with Music Marcia Washburn
Biology of Behavior Pam Gates
Building on a Sure Foundation: Mission & Methods LaNissir James
Chores: Why They are Essential in Homeschooling Durenda Wilson
Come to the Table Andrea Waitley
Dads, God’s Forerunners for the Lord Norm Wakefield
Dual Enrollment: When, Where, Why, and How Shelie Doub
Extra Curriculars & Electives – Resumes & Recommendations LaNissir James
Feeding Your Family on a Budget Michelle Christensen
Forgiveness: A Journey to Healing Jim Ryun
Free to Live, Free to Give: overcoming the Burden of Debt and Consumerism Dawn Madsen
Freedomship and Entrepreneurial Education Andrew Pudewa
Fundamental of Writing Chuck Black
Help for the Modern Day Mom-Preneurs Connie Albers
Homeoprophylaxis Susie Overmeyer
Homeschool Days do Not Have to be Sick Days Susie Overmeyer
Homeschool Through High School – You Got This! LaNissir James
Homeschooling Boys, What do They Really Need? Durenda Wilson
Homeschooling the College Bound Teen: Navigating the Road to Admission LaNissir James
Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs Shari McMinn
Homeschooling Your Unique Child: Adopted, Gifted, Special Needs, and Struggling Learner Shari McMinn
Homescooling 101 Aimee Furman
How to be a People Teacher Marcia Washburn
How to Choose the Perfect Curriculum for YOUR Child Connie Albers
How to Develop and Build Sibling Relationships Connie Albers
How To Effectively Teach the Bible Daily Ana Willis
How to Retire from Homeschooling Michelle Christensen
Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates Pam Gates
Math – Does it Matter How You Teach? Teresa Foltin
New to Homeschool Seminar – How to Actually Homeschool, Nuts & Bolts 1 Cindy Puhek
New to Homeschool Seminar – How to Actually Homeschool, Nuts & Bolts 2 Cindy Puhek
New to Homeschool Seminar – How to Homeschool Legally in Colorado How to Homeschool Legally in Colorado Steve Craig
Nurturing Competent Communicators, The power of Linguistic Patterns Andrew Pudewa
Paper and Pen: What the Research Says Andrew Pudewa
Reading Strategies for Struggling Readers or Nonreaders Andrew Pudewa
Riches of a Charlotte Mason-Inspired Education Ana Willis
Scheduling a Feast of Subjects: What, Why, and How Ana Willis
Smart Kids Who Hate to Write Pam Gates
So You Want to be a Lawyer? Bradley Pierce
Teaching the Right Brained Child Pam Gates
Technology: How to Create Positive Social Footprints Connie Albers
The Amazing Result of Decluttering Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day Dawn Madsen
The Four Hour School Day Durenda Wilson
The Organization Myth (and What Actually Brings PEACE at Home) Dawn Madsen
Tips for Organizing Your Home/School Brandee Gillham
Toddlers in Tow, What to do with the Little Ones While You Homeschool Kathryn Gomes


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