Conference Speakers

Brian Young

Creation Instruction Association


Brian Young, an internationally-known speaker and author, was a teacher and principal for 10 years before becoming director of the Creation Instruction Association and the Semisaurus Mobile Creation Museum. He has now been speaking on the topic of creation and Biblical authority for 25 years, participating in debates at universities, witnessing to prison inmates, and sharing at churches, schools, and camps around the world. He uses the Bible as the foundation for science and education.

Speaker Sessions

Supernatural Selection

(Biblical Worldview)

Most of us have heard of “natural selection” but very few have heard of “super” natural selection. This is the most recent and up-to-date information that destroys the very foundations of what we have been taught about evolution. Processes thought to take long periods of time are now being seen in just hours and the cause is clearly unnatural. In fact, for years even Creationists have been teaching about “natural selection” incorrectly, but this new evidence straightens it up and makes evolution impossible. This is a must-see for every parent and child to help understand the world around us from a Biblical perspective. And, to discern the volumes of false information coming at us about evolution — not just in science class — but in every subject.

Rethinking Adam

(Biblical Worldview)

For years we have thrown Adam under the bus and blamed him for the fall into sin. While some of this is true, you may be shocked to see that there is much more to this story found in the Bible. From presenter, Brian Young, you will learn how Adam is actually a hero and a type of Christ. In a whole new way, discover how both Adam and Eve are a model for husbands and wives today. Be prepared to have your worldview rocked as the Scriptures come alive.

Dinosaurs, Ice Age, and the Pre-Flood World

(Biblical Worldview)

Have you ever wondered how people could live to be 900 years old? Where did Cain get his wife? Are dinosaurs in the Bible? What about the Ice-Age? Did dinosaurs go on Noah’s Ark? How old is the earth? How did coal form? Did dinosaurs live with man? All these and many more questions will be answered by Brian Young as he examines the world before Noah’s Flood.

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