Experience 8 hours of teaching from renowned apologists Renton Rathbun, Bill Jack, and Jason Lisle

The word “apologetics” (from the Greek word apologia) means “reasoned arguments or defense” or “writings or speech in justification.” When Christians use the word “apologetics,” it simply means defending the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15). We live in a world that is hostile toward God’s truth, and there are many cultural influences that confuse Christian faith.

Our desire is to support local churches, ministries and homeschool families in strengthening their faith through a simple framework of apologetics. We would like to see more Christians equipped to know how to answer everyone (Colossians 4:5–6) and be able to articulate the Gospel of God.

The purpose of The Rocky Mountain Apologetics Bootcamp and Worldview Seminar is to help all Christians to become confident in what they believe, show that Christianity is true and defensible, and to grow confident witnesses for Christ. This bootcamp is NOT just for homeschoolers.

Bootcamp Topics

Intro to Apologetics

with Renton Rathbun

Thursday 6/15 — 1:10 PM–2:00 PM

Although many people enjoy reading books and watching videos about apologetics, not everyone understands what exactly it is. There is also much confusion on how many different styles of apologetics there are, and most people have not considered the problems that persist in each of those styles. This presentation clearly defines apologetics, considers its primary audience, details the distinct styles of apologetics, and indicates the persisting problems for each.

“What Were They Thinking? — What Are You Thinking?”

with Bill Jack

Friday 6/16 — 10:20 AM–11:10 AM

Many Christians have never learned how to share their faith effectively with non-Christians in a short conversation. This session will give the students and parents practical tools with which they can confidently engage others in a conversation that leads them to a knowledge of Christ.

The Problem of the Unbeliever in Apologetics

with Renton Rathbun

Friday 6/16 — 2:30 PM–3:20 PM     

Romans 1 is clear; unbelievers are suppressing the truth and unrighteousness. But if this is the case, how can apologetics reach people who are truth-suppressors? Ephesians 2 tells us unbelievers are dead in their trespasses and sins. How do dead people listen and change their minds about God? This session takes a close look at what the Bible says about unbelievers and lays out how apologetics can seem to do the impossible.

Creation vs. Evolution

with Bill Jack

Saturday 6/17 — 10:20 AM–11:10 AM

“Who cares whether it was 6 days or 6 million years!? Isn’t this discussion unnecessarily divisive to the Christian community? Are we not losing credibility with the scientific community and hurting the cause of Christ among non-Christians by insisting on a literal interpretation of Genesis 1–3?” Learn to respond biblically to such charges so that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception. Old-earthers, progressive creationists, and other Wizards come try and stump the wild-eyed, fanatical, six-day creationist.

Worldview and Apologetics

with Renton Rathbun

Thursday 6/15 — 2:20 PM–3:10 PM

Often people confuse worldview with apologetics. This session clearly defines worldview and also “biblical worldview.” Then, it makes clear how one’s worldview will determine what style of apologetics one will be attracted to. We lay out biblical, non-negotiable principles that should underlie the apologetical method one chooses.

BIG Apologetics

with Renton Rathbun

Friday 6/16 — 11:30 AM–12:20 PM

This session is an introduction to a hybrid method of apologetics called BIG apologetics. B.I.G. is an acronym that walks people through a useful method that attempts to diminish the problems that have arisen from other methods of apologetics. The main goal of BIG apologetics is to maintain Scripture’s authority and power in the apologetic process.

Apologetics Applied: How Do We Respond to LGBTQ+ Ideology

with Renton Rathbun

Friday 6/16 — 3:40 PM–4:30 PM

Young people today are inundated with LGBTQ+ indoctrination via social media, entertainment, and personal friendships. Now there are movements, even within the church, that have accepted varying degrees of LGBTQ+ affirmation. We will walk step by step through the B.I.G. apologetics method to show what a biblical defense against LGBTQ+ ideology looks like.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

with Jason Lisle

Saturday 6/17 — 11:30 AM–12:20 PM

There is an argument for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument — an “ultimate proof” of the Christian worldview biblical creation. Discover the nature of scientific evidence, how to spot logical fallacies, and biblical examples of defending the faith.

Please note: The Apologetics Bootcamp is INCLUDED in the Full Conference Registration OR you can register for just the Apologetics Bootcamp if you do not intend to attend the full Homeschool Conference.

The Apologetics Bootcamp is geared to teens and older, but all are welcome!

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…always BE READY to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you… 

1Peter 3:15 ESV

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