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Biblical Worldview

Kevin Boden



Kevin and his wife, Wendi, began homeschooling in 2008, when their oldest child was in first grade. Now, many years later, they continue to educate all their children at home. Kevin is a graduate of Wheaton College and received his J.D. from Seattle University. Prior to joining HSLDA, Kevin served on active duty in the US Air Force as a Judge Advocate, allowing he and Wendi to homeschool in three different countries and five states. As an HSLDA Staff Attorney, Kevin serves as the primary contact for members in 12 states, including Colorado. He is passionate about the freedom to homeschool and the blessings of being a dad.

Speaker Sessions

9 to 5: Working Dad in the Homeschool Journey

(Family Discipleship)

Many working dads find it challenging to get involved in the homeschooling of their children. After all, when you’re gone for upwards of 9 hours a day, how much time is really left? And do we really want to “do school” when dad is off work anyways? This session focuses on how and why the involvement of dads in the homeschool family is so vital. It examines the common reasons dads tend to be less involved, and some tools that may help them to become an integral part in their family’s homeschool journey rather than a mere bystander.

Biblical Worldview

The (New?) Face of Homeschooling

(Biblical Worldview)

Homeschool has a history and it will have a future. But the landscape of home education is changing. Micro-schools, learning pods, traditional co-ops, online learning, accredited programs … the options for homeschooling seem to be endless. This session briefly looks at the trends and movements in homeschooling. We are reminded as homeschooling families that while the face of homeschooling may have changed or expanded, the heart and building blocks of homeschooling have not. Moms and dads continue to homeschool for a variety of reasons, and no matter the external shape of the school, there are commonalities that unite homeschooling families. Let’s not lose our history as we move into the future.

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