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Connie Albers

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With over 30 years of homeschooling as a wife, mother of five, mom-preneur, and inspirational leader, Connie Albers is one of the homeschooling community’s most beloved experts. Her first-hand expertise and personal understanding of the challenges of balancing life, learning, and love of family have made her a trusted advisor with an outreach ministry that seeks to inspire and empower other parents through the truths of God’s Word. She helps parents build closer relationships with their children to help turn their hearts toward each other. Professionally, Connie is a podcaster, speaker, author, subject matter expert for FOX 35 and various media outlets, and social media enthusiasts. 

Speaker Sessions

Help for the Modern Day Mom-Preneurs

(Homeschool How-To’s)

The rise of Mom-Preneurs in the homeschooling community requires the active pursuit of a healthy balance between their homeschooling, work, and family needs. As a mother of five, active volunteer, business owner, and homeschool veteran, Connie Albers discusses delegating efficiently, setting realistic goals, and finding work that fits the homeschooling lifestyle. During this presentation, she will share how to manage your homeschool and evaluate your workload, so your family runs smoothly.

Correct Not Criticize: Getting Children to Respond to Your Instruction

(Family Discipleship)

Children respond to loving correction, not harsh criticism. When we lovingly correct our children without criticizing them, they will not resist our instruction and our relationship with them strengthens. In a culture that is constantly criticizing our children, we can counter its impact. Connie Albers will explain through examples and stories so the ideas come alive.

Technology: How to Create Positive Social Footprints

(Homeschool How-To’s)

If you are like most parents, you are concerned about what your kids might post online. Unfortunately, social media is a powerful platform that isn’t going away. While more and more kids seek relationships online, you can teach them how to create a positive profile that helps influence the next generation. Connie Albers educates teens and parents on using technology as a tool for the Kingdom by creating a positive social profile that promotes causes they are passionate about. This presentation is for you if you want to learn from a mother who has successfully navigated her five children through the social media maze.

How to Choose the Perfect Curriculum for YOUR Child

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Some of the most frequent questions Connie Albers gets asked are about selecting the right curriculum. After homeschooling five different learners who earned academic scholarships to university, Connie shares the process of choosing what works best for each child. Connie wants your homeschool journey to be a fun adventure, not a battle.

How to Develop and Build Close Sibling Friendships

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Do you wonder if your children will always fight and argue? Do you fear they will leave home disliking each other? During this session, Connie Albers will share how to parent so that your children forge lifelong friendships with each other during their homeschool journey. She believes homeschooling is the perfect environment to foster closeness and genuine love for each other.

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