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Hi, it’s Sharon Hofer with Creating a Masterpiece. I’ve traveled all over the world studying art under some of the finest artists of our time at world-renowned art institutes and studios for the past three decades. What I’ve learned is that anyone can create a masterpiece — including you!

That’s why I started Creating a Masterpiece: to give aspiring artists just like you the step-by-step expert instruction and gentle encouragement you need to create beautiful art.

Our community now includes thousands of art students of all ages and stages of life from all over the world. With my guidance, you can create masterpiece-level art that you will love to share with your loved ones.

Speaker Sessions

Lessons in Pencil: Polar Exploration

(Kid’s Activity)

Adventurers and explorers have been drawn to the Arctic Pole region for centuries. As you travel north toward the pole you will find many different natural wonders and landscapes. Imagine you are part of an expedition to the Arctic Wilderness. As you travel you find yourself viewing this stunning vista. You stop and pull out your pencil to capture it. How would you begin? What if you had white pencil and black paper? In this project Sharon will guide you through the process of drawing this winter wonderland. You will learn how to use white pencil to create a masterpiece you will treasure. 

Lessons in Scratch Art

(Teen Activity)

The Goldfish Project

Scratch art is a fun and unique style of art. In this project students learn to plan and implement their design. The instructors will then show students a way to enhance the project with color. The simple techniques taught in this project will provide a foundation for many gorgeous fine art projects using scratch art.

Lessons in Soft Pastel: Hydrangeas

(Kid’s Activity)

Hydrangeas are gorgeous. They exude color and are strikingly beautiful. Hydrangeas are also a great subject for a newer artist to create. As students progress through this project, they will learn how to apply the pastel, how to blend it, and the basic steps to developing a fine art project.

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