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Davy Liu

Kendu Kids


It was not long ago that Davy Liu was resting comfortably at the pinnacle of success, or so it seemed by all Hollywood measures. As a renowned animator and storyteller with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Warner Brothers Studios, Davy set his heart on winning an Oscar. Davy even taught Princess Diana and Michael Jackson’s family at Disney University. But, Davy realized that real victory meant serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. As a Christian artist, illustrator, animator, and storyteller, he had a vision to bring Bible-based stories of faith and hope to children and families. Now his goal is to provide the highest quality creative content through media, technology, and films for impacting a postmodern culture with God’s truth and, at the same time, to spread the message that everyone matters to God.

Speaker Sessions

Turn Your Family Member Into an Animated Pet

(Kid’s Activity)

In this activity, participants will be working with former Disney (before they went “woke”) animator, Davey Liu, on creating imaginative characters from their real-life siblings, mom, dad, or grandparents. Kids will learn the basic shapes that Disney animators used to create their timeless talking animals. They will learn the power of creativity that comes with the keen eyes of observation. All they need is a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and a child-like imagination.

Unveil the Bible With Creativity

(Biblical Worldview)

With modern-day entertainment, it is challenging to try raising godly kids in the midst of a twisted world. Children’s entertainment, in all forms, plays a powerful role in shaping the beliefs of our vulnerable youth, yet Hollywood stands as the primary children’s content provider. Davy will show how to use inspiring creative material with children and uphold a biblical worldview. His vision is to bring a fresh and creative perspective of the Bible to Sunday school stories. It is his hope that through this iconic visual storytelling, our future generation will establish a biblical foundation and will never depart from it.

Making Your Ideas Come to Life

(Teen Activity)

The process of creativity sometimes can be dry and daunting. Davy Liu has over 33 years of experience at major film studios such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Lucasfilm. Yet all these companies always begin with an idea, artists, producers, and a team spirit. You are invited to experience the hands-on creative process as Davy shares the unseen pre-production art and a backstage tour of how “The Lion King” was developed. Participants will then take what they learned and apply it to their own ideas with a hands-on project.

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