Conference Speakers

George Barna

Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University


George Barna is a Professor at Arizona Christian University and Director of Research at its Cultural Research Center, focusing on worldview assessment and development, and cultural transformation. He was the founder of the Barna Group (which he sold in 2009), the Barna Institute, the American Culture and Faith Institute, and Metaformation. Through those entitites he has conducted groundbreaking research on worldview, cultural transformation, ministry applications, spiritual development, and elections. To date, Barna has authored or co-authored 60 books addressing social and religious trends, worldview, leadership, spiritual development, church dynamics, and cultural transformation. They include New York Times and Amazon bestsellers and several award-winning books. George and his wife, Nancy, attended high school, college, and grad school together before marrying in 1978. They have three adopted daughters, all homeschooled, and three grandchildren. They currently live on the central California coast and in Phoenix.

Speaker Session

Biblical Worldview

Raising Spiritual Champions: Nurturing Your Child's heart, Mind, and Soul - Keynote

(Family Discipleship)

Raising your child is an exciting opportunity to influence a life, but it is also a daunting assignment. Parents have the God-given responsibility — and privilege — to guide the development of their children, a responsibility that cannont be delegated to schools, churches, media, or community organizations. Based on extensive national research, Barna outlines a biblical approach to raising children with seven cornerstones of a Biblical Worldview.

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