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Marcia Washburn

Building Tomorrow’s Generation


Marcia Washburn, B.A., B.M.Ed, offers support and strategies for parents, writers, business owners, and musicians. Her wide experiences as the homeschool mother of five sons, educator, conference coordinator, business owner, and speaker, make her an asset treasured by organizations seeking her services. The author of over a dozen books, Marcia enjoys speaking to groups of all sizes and is noted for her transparent, practical, and encouraging presentations.

Speaker Sessions

Building Tomorrow’s Generation (While Cleaning Up Today’s Spilled Milk)

(Family Discipleship)

The work we do as homeschoolers extends far beyond teaching the “Three R’s.” We are partners with God as we lay a firm foundation in our children’s lives so their faith won’t crumble under pressure. In this session, Marcia Washburn casts a vision for teaching generationally, looking beyond the daily challenges of crying babies, clinging toddlers, correcting papers and, yes, cleaning up spilled milk.

How to Be a People Teacher

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Based on many years of teaching in public, private, and homeschool settings, Marcia Washburn shares her heart, her enthusiasm, and her techniques for individualizing instruction to suit each student. Topics in this important session include the importance of relationship and companionship, differentiating the curriculum for each child, teaching for mastery, and ten mistakes homeschoolers commonly make.

Beethoven Who? Family Fun With Music

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Many homeschoolers have trouble fitting music into their busy school days — time, expense, and lack of confidence all contribute to the problem. Based on her experience teaching piano lessons for decades, mostly to homeschool students, this workshop with Marcia Washburn gives practical, hands-on ideas for all ages that any parent can do.

The Ideal Homeschooling Mother

(Family Discipleship)

Women have a tendency to compare themselves unfavorably with other women, and homeschooling moms are no exception. This encouraging presentation by Marcia Washburn explores God’s plan for your homeschool, and why He chose you to mother your children. It reminds us to live our lives one chapter at a time and to gain strength from mentoring relationships.

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