Conference Speakers

Michelle Christensen


Granny’s Guidance

Michelle willingly shares her adventures and misadventures. She married her high school sweetheart shortly after graduation and started her journey of motherhood very young. Her experiences have given her quite an education! Michelle will tell you that she does not have credentials to be an author or mentor: no PhD, no special training or abilities. BUT, she serves a big God whose grace and mercy have been with her throughout her journey. Farm wife, mother of five, grandma of eight (so far), and mentor mom, she has a tender heart and a desire to follow wherever God leads her.

Speaker Sessions

How to Retire From Homeschooling

(Homeschool How-To’s)

You have worked yourself out of a job. Now what? Michelle will give you some tips and helpful pointers on how to step into the next season of life. She will share the hardship and the joys of “retiring” from being a homeschool mom, and she will help you see the possibilities of new ministry and new adventures that come once you are no longer teaching. God has so much more in store for you!

Nurturing Mother/Daughter Relationships

(Family Discipleship)

Homeschool families are together 24/7. That can be a great joy, but it can also put a great deal of strain onto our relationships with our children. We are tasked with raising-up the next generation, but sometimes it’s easy to let emotion, hormones, and attitudes (theirs and ours) get in the way. It can make the mother/daughter relationship tough to navigate, but those relationships can be one of God’s biggest blessings when we keep in mind that our “sweet baby girl,” or that “frustrating teen,” is actually an amazing woman in the making.

Feeding Your Family on a Budget

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Money was tight, extremely tight, for Michelle and her young family. She totally gets just how hard it is to feed a growing family on a small income. She will share some of the simple, helpful, and practical ways she learned to prepare highly nutritious meals while staying within a budget. No matter how large or small your income is, this session will equip you with tips and tricks to make cheap, nutritious, and easy meals. She happily shares some of the practical ways she was able to save a bit of money without compromising quality meals — and without spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Sometimes, just having a simple plan can save you time, trouble, and a whole lot of money.

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