Conference Speakers

Paul Bacio Jr.

Brick Explorers


A former youth pastor and a big kid at heart, Paul found his passion for brick building shortly after graduating from Bible college. This passion led him into a 15-year career developing and teaching educational brick-building curriculum in the San Francisco Bay Area. Parents and kids alike enjoy his age-appropriate, yet challenging, designs. Paul was also recognized among thousands as one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Ohio “Brick Factor” competition hosted by LEGO®. Everything his eye sees, he is mentally converting to bricks, figuring out how it all fits, one brick at a time.

Speaker Sessions

Learning With LEGO’s® — Children's Activity

(Kid’s Activity)

Brick Explorers programs teach children about science, technology, engineering, and math through the building and manipulation of various LEGO® models. They have activities that challenge students to cultivate problem solving skills through application of the scientific method and project planning. During this activity, age groups will be taught separately under guided instruction and plenty of supervision.

LEGO Animal Kingdom

(Kid’s Activities)

5–8 Years — Build Zoo/farm/marine animals and learn interesting facts about the habitat, diet, and behavior of the animals. Problem solving, fine motor skills, colors & shapes recognition, simple directions & tasks completion.

LEGO Motor Madness

(Kid’s Activities)

9–12 Years — Build LEGO motorized projects, ranging from specialty vehicles to amusement park rides. Problem solving, simple machinery, wheel axles, motors & gears, levers & pulleys, energy & friction.

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