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Allie Slocum

Character Club Online


Allie Slocum lives in Colroado with her husband, two daughters, and gold retriever. She teaches gifted & talented K–5th grades at her local elementary school. She loves sloths, reading, gardening, and making memories with her family.

Character Club
Do you wish kids would show more compassion to each other? Does your child battle feelings of rejection and being left out? Does someone you care about not know how to respect others — let alone him/herself? Let’s build character together. The Character Club addresses these issues and more as you join the main character on their imperfect journey toward a character virtue.

Speaker Sessions

Character Club I: Compassion & Integrity

(Kids’ Activity)

Participants will “meet” Jeanie and Ethan, two characters who are struggling with compassion and integrity as they attend an after-school Character Club. We will play team building games, learn to follow our dreams in kind ways, create our own compassion cards, and see how the effects of a lack of integrity can harm us. A “guest appearance” from Clara Barton may be included.

Character Club II: Forgiveness & Respect

(Kids’ Activity)

Participants will “meet” Rachel and Peter, two character their age who are struggling with forgiveness and respect as they attend an after-school Character Club. We will play team building games, lear how free forgiveness can feel, create meaningful disucssions to build respect, and see “Corrie Ten Boom” share her story of forgiveness.

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