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Biblical Worldview

Kirk Smith

Illinois Christian Home Educators


Kirk Smith is the Executive Director of the Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE). As such, his consistent message is the emphasis on home discipleship (particularly father-led), and the fear of the Lord as the source of wisdom and knowledge. Prior to his present position, he founded a church in Albion, Illinois, which he pastored for twenty-five years. He also taught two years in the public school setting. He and his wife, Joely, have eleven children and live on a small farm in Southern Illinois.

Speaker Sessions

Biblical Worldview

Creating a Biblical Culture in the Home

(Family Discipleship)

Having a home based on Scripture sounds wonderful, but so few are raised in biblical homes to even know what that looks like. Join Kirk for some practical, doable steps to start the trajectory toward having a biblical culture in the home.

Biblical Worldview

Focus on Your Own Family

(Family Discipleship)

There are many homeschooling success stories. While there can be benefit in borrowing methodologies at times, we can fall into a trap of comparison that can negatively impact homeschoolers individually and collectively. The key is to focus on our own family.

Biblical Worldview

Remaining Pure in a Sensual Culture

(Biblical Worldview)

Our children are getting bombarded with sensuality from every corner of the globe. The good news is that they can rise above the chorus of cultural voices and experience the freedom and blessing that comes from a life of purity.

Mothers in the Hands of Angry Sons

(Family Discipleship)

Since homeschooling mothers spend a great deal of time with their sons, what should this relationship look like and how should it change as their sons mature? What perspectives, strategies, and actions should moms be sensitive to in order to make sure this unique relationship continues to grow in a healthy way? THIS SESSION IS FOR DADS TOO!

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