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Logan Wilson

School of Honor


Logan Wilson is married to his bride, Brenna, and lives in Colorado with their two children. He started the School of Honor at 17 when he saw our culture was degrading and emasculating the strength of men. Logan is an author and certified Life Coach. Logan has presented across the United States for Family Research Council, Republican policy events, Christian schools, churches, camps, and radio, and has been featured in the international “Power for Living” magazine for Cook Communications. He loves to inspire young men to passionately pursue God through their masculine design.

Speaker Sessions

School of Honor with Logan Wilson Part 1 & 2

(Teen Activity)

The School of Honor is a 4-hour course designed to introduce teens and show them a path of transformation from today’s young boys into tomorrow’s great men. From the Honor of God and the Hebrew Names of God to civility and chivalry, to our Ephesians 6 spiritual weapons and armor, this one-of-a-kind activity delivers timeless and critical truths to those entering manhood.

Logan also delivers powerful dramatic presentations in costume and soundtrack of some of history’s most courageous, influential, God-fearing men that keep the boys on the edge of their seats! Students learn the chivalrous skills of how to treat young women, how to be a gentleman, and other courtesies.

10:20-12:20 School of Honor

(Kids Activity)

  • Made in His Image Bringing—Order to Chaos 
  • Civility and Chivalry—Bestowing Dignity 
  • Dramatic Presentation— George Washington and the Delaware Crossing 
Biblical Worldview

Father Son Luncheon — The Bayonet Charge of 1863

(Biblical Worldview)

Fathers and sons can enjoy a hearty lunch together then buckle-up while presenter Logan Wilson delivers a powerful dramatic presentation of the 1863 Bayonet Charge at Gettysburg. In costume and with a soundtrack, hear about history’s most courageous, influential, God-fearing men that keep fathers and sons on the edge of their seats! You will learn the character and resolve that set men apart.

2:00-4:00 School of Honor (after Lunch)

(Kids Activity)

  • Bearing His image as a Healer, Shepherd, Warrior, and Standard Bearer 
  • Man of Action—Creating Habits
  • Dramatic Presentation — John Paul Jones “I have not yet begun to fight!” 
Doors open at 7:30am!!!








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