Conference Speakers

Mary Langewisch

Fragile Glory Impressions Art Studio


Mary Langewisch was born and raised in Colorado and came from a homeschooling family where she was able to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist, art teacher, and business owner. Fragile Glory Impressions Art Studio where she paints, puts on workshops, and offers online art instruction. She has been in business for 20 years empowering students to reach their artistic potential and inspiring them to follow their artistic voice. Mary’s mission as an artist is to create beauty and to teach it to others. She hopes the excitement of creating art will tug at your heart.


Speaker Session

Artistic Adventures

(Kids’ Activities)

Foster your student’s artistic promise with special courses from Fragile Glory Impressions Art Studio. In this project students will be using watercolors and ink pens to make a spread of colorful fruits and vegetables that pop off the page! Students will learn how to properly space each subject on the paper using a grid as well as how to draw simple shapes to build the forms of each item. Simple, but elegant techniques in ink pens and watercolors will be taught in an illustrative style to bring these edible delights to life.

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