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Shari McMinn

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Shari Howard McMinn is mother to 11 children and homeschooled for 28 years. Since her beloved husband’s death 10 years ago, she single-parented the five youngest of her nine homeschooled children, graduating the last in May of 2022. Simultaneously, she founded her editing, speaking, and writing business. Audiences and readers enjoy her witty storytelling and are moved by her powerful Christian testimony as she shares her extensive knowledge of adoption, homeschooling, homesteading, managing a large family, military for homeschool grads, nurtured childhoods, raising children with special needs, transracial families, widowhood economics, and writing as a second career.

Speaker Sessions

Homeschooling Diverse Families in a Toxic Culture

(Family Discipleship)

Whether your family is diverse in ability, age range, culture, skin tone, or more, home-based education can be a blessing! Whether your household was established through adoption, eldercare, blended marriage, or other life circumstances, learn from Shari Howard McMinn how to tackle both the big picture and fine points of bonding, educating, serving, and thriving as a family that doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Her latest book, Embracing Diversity as a Family: Preparing the Next Generation to Flourish, is an outgrowth of this impactful workshop. If you are interested in a winsome, wise response to negative narratives promoting an anti-God culture, come learn how to raise children to embrace God’s purpose for them, your family, and the community where you live and serve.

Homeschooling Your Child With Special Needs

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Some children are created extra special by God for His perfect purposes and glory. But, as parents, we often wonder if we are special enough to educate, parent, and raise children like this. Sometimes we even grieve the things we won’t experience or resist the things that we don’t understand with our atypical child. Be inspired by presenter Shari Howard McMinn, mother of multiple children with special needs, that God has perfectly fit you to be the best friend, gift, influence, and teacher your child can have. Practical strategies and invaluable encouragement will be shared in this important session for families and friends of extra special homeschooled students.

Homeschooling Your Unique Child: Adopted, Gifted, Special Needs, and Struggling Learner

(Homeschool How-To’s)

Many families begin to homeschool because their child is not in the “box” of a certain grade level. Whether high achieving or struggling, suffering from early childhood traumas, or living with disabilities, children can blossom with home education. Having a wide range of student abilities, or one very unique child, can wear down homeschooling parents. Join wise and witty veteran homeschool mom, Shari Howard McMinn, in this informative and encouraging workshop.The practical and theoretical aspects of home education and parenting will intersect to equip you to succeed with your family team in the homeschool marathon of life with uniquely created children.

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