Conference Speakers

Tara Roehl

Speechy Keen SLP


Tara Roehl is a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist who owns and operates a private telepractice clinic in Colorado focusing on social cognition, executive functioning and the use of technology in therapy. She is co-founder and president of Hacking Autism and the creator of The Telepractice Course. She has worked with clients in Illinois, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Rwanda, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines in public schools, private practices, and via telepractice. She is a homeschool graduate, homeschooling mother of two, and the director of two homeschool co-ops in Longmont, Colorado: The Nest and WILD Child.

Speaker Sessions

Hold That Thought: Strategies for Building Working Memory

(Homeschool How-To’s, Unique Learners)

Would you describe your child(ren) as scattered, but smart? Do they struggle to remember what they just learned? Do they forget what you asked them to do, the second they leave the room? One skill impacts all of these areas and is the key building block for all executive functioning skills. Come find out why working memory is the most important skill they need, and key strategies to begin building it.

Game on for Homeschooling: How Board Games Inspire Fearless Learning

(Homeschool How-To’s)

What if your homeschool could be both educational and incredibly fun, even in the upper grades? Join us as we uncover the power of thoughtfully chosen, curriculum-linked games that seamlessly blend learning and play. Dive into the world of gameschooling, grasp its effectiveness, and gain practical insights on how to incorporate it into your daily homeschooling regimen. It’s your turn to make learning an exciting adventure, one game at a time.

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