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Teri Spray

Teri Spray Books & Homeschool Services


Teri Spray has been serving parents of unique learners in the Colorado homeschool community since 1986. She began by founding and directing Christian Cottage Schools, now known as Joyful Christian Schools. They have currently graduated hundreds of students who are using their God-given gifts. Teri empowers parents as teachers of children who have various learning challenges through assessments, teaching strategies, umbrella school covering, and support. Her Easy English program is being used by leaders who help the poor in over 30 nations. She also has over 7,000 pages of curriculum in print using a variety of learning approaches to make learning easier.

Speaker Sessions

Unique Learners Seminar — Assessing Your Special Needs Child

(Homeschool How-To’s, Unique Learners)

Finally, you will be able to understand the nature of the difficulties your child is experiencing and you will receive strategies for support. Various types of learning problems will be revealed through 100 self-diagnosing questions. This workshop includes a ten-page checklist to assist parents in screening for learning problems in their children. Teri has found this to be one of their most useful publications. Parents will also learn how to know when and where to seek help.

Guiding the Gifted Learner

(Homeschool How-To’s, Unique Learners)

What do we do with the above average child? How do we help them grow and succeed at a different rate than others? Learn tips, techniques, and strategies to tackle teaching the talented child. Guiding the gifted learner can be a great adventure instead of an overwhelming challenge. Come and be encouraged!

Simple Solutions for Struggling Learners

(Homeschool How-To’s, Unique Learners)

Gain practical methods and techniques to help children to learn more easily. This workshop includes a vast array of practical support, including exercises, curriculum ideas, tips, and even nutritional support. These solutions really are simpler than you might guess and you will leave with fresh tools in your toolbox.

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