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Biblical Worldview

Victoria Schurter



Victoria Schurter directs Unbound’s Learning Division and has a deep and abiding love of all things creative. When she’s not working on an Unbound project, you can find her scribbling on a novel, playing a favorite instrument, riding horses, watching a sunset, or dreaming up some new adventure that absolutely includes the Pacific coastline. One of the best parts of her world is walking alongside other young adults as they make an eternal impact in their generation.

Speaker Sessions

Ask: Why Learning to Ask Good Questions is Far More Important Than Knowing Answers

(Homeschool How-To’s)

In an age where those both over and under 18 struggle with purpose, direction, relationships, responsibility, and unique if not unprecedented challenges, Victoria suggests a different approach to the adventure of adulthood — one that opens the door to a life of impact, purpose, and thriving. She explains why the ability to ask good questions in a culture of assumptions is so powerful, what’s really at the heart of meaningful progress and accomplishment, and how to pursue wisdom as a young adult.

Biblical Worldview

Do: The Importance of Taking Action and Doing Real Things

(Biblical Worldview)

“Adulting” has become more of a byword for something young people really don’t want to embrace. While we might study the theoretical as children and adolescents, the whole point is to prepare us for living in the real world. A core ability behind every single life of impact is that of turning something from idea into action. Even though young adults today face a generation with unprecedented levels of darkness, despair, and hopelessness, there are few more powerful testimonies than a life that demonstrates what it looks like to truly thrive — and offers that same light and hope to others.

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