Sell your used homeschool materials in Colorado’s largest Used Curriculum Sale! It’s hosted at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church immediately prior to the Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference during the Bonus Day (on Wednesday, June 12th) AND Thursday, June 13th!

CHEC provides the space, tables, marketing, buyers, and finally delivers you a check for your sold materials (6–8 weeks post-event).

Your part? Simply gather your gently used and near-new curriculum and homeschool supplies, enter items into our user-friendly database, print & attach barcode labels, then drop them off at the designated time. (We’d love to have you be part of the onsite volunteer team too! Learn more here.) After the sale, pick up any unsold items, or donate them to CHEC for Single Parents.

  • Deadline to register curriculum for sale (assign barcodes, etc.) is Monday, June 10th, at 11:59pm.
  • Curriculum Drop-off is on Wednesday, June 12th between 7:30am–11:00am.
  • Open shopping 
    • Wednesday, June 12th from 12:00pm–4:30pm.
    • Thursday, June 13th from 9am–3pm.
  • Unsold Curriculum Pick-up is available:
    • Thursday, 4:00pm–5:00pm
    • ATTENTION: WE NO LONGER STORE UNSOLD ITEMS FOR PICK-UP at the CHEC office.  Unsold items MUST be picked up during the conference at the allotted times, otherwise they become the property of CHEC.


Please follow the steps below to prepare your items for sale. Be sure to note the Terms of Service.

Deadline: Monday, June 10th is the last day to enter items into the barcode site and print barcodes. Please note, the system closes for new entries at 11:59pm on June 10th. (You can print master sheets and labels anytime.)

Terms of Service

In order to better serve both buyers and sellers, all sellers are required to agree to the following terms of service:

  • Seller Proceeds: Seller receives the agreed percentage of the sale prices for items sold, printed on Sales Contract at time of drop-off. Seller will receive a check for the sale proceeds approximately six to eight weeks after the conference. The check will be mailed in the self-addressed, stamped envelope which each seller provides at drop-off. Direct payments to each seller will not be made at the conference.
  • Item Condition: All items submitted for sale shall be intact and in good repair (i.e., books shall have their covers, tapes and videos shall be in cases, DVDs and CDs match the cover title, etc.). Items for sale are limited to like-new and gently used curriculum, fiction and non-fiction books (please see ratings below), and materials including CDs, DVDs, VHS, manipulatives, games, computer software, art supplies, maps, kits, equipment, etc. No clothing, vitamins, health products, animals, solicitations, magazines, or encyclopedia sets over five years old may be sold. CHEC has the right to refuse any submitted items without stating a reason.
  • Minimum Prices: Minimum item price is $0.25. Any items priced $25.00 and over will need to be inspected by a UCS volunteer before being accepted. Please keep these items separate in order to expedite this process.
  • Non-Sellable Items: Any items not properly labeled and bar-coded will not be placed out for sale and will be returned to you at pick-up.
  • Ratings: Use discretion with materials rated PG-13. Materials rated R and above will not be accepted for sale. CHEC reserves the right to refuse any materials without having to state a reason.
  • Unclaimed Items: ANY items remaining after 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 13th become the property of CHEC and will be disposed of at CHEC’s discretion.
  • CHEC is not responsible for lost, missing, or stolen items.

What you can sell

Items for sale are limited to like-new and gently used curriculum, fiction and non-fiction books and other materials including CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, manipulatives, games, computer software, art supplies, music supplies, globes, science equipment, maps, kits, equipment, etc. Bound copied material will not be accepted unless the original copyright information is provided on each item.

Click here to view the list of categories to sell (and download a printable version).

Not permitted: No clothing, vitamins, health products, animals, perishable items, stuffed animals, dolls, solicitations, or magazines may be sold. CHEC reserves the right to refuse any submitted items without stating a reason.

Step 1: Create an Account

Create your account using the online barcoding system. The online instructions will guide you through the process.

Please note:

  • Barcoding can only be done using the online barcode system.
  • There will be no capability at the sale for adding items or creating new accounts.
  • The system will be closed for new entries June 10th at 11:59pm.

Step 2: Printing Instructions

  • Print your master sheet(s) first and double-check all entries against the master(s) before printing your labels.
  • Paper/Ink/Printer requirements:
    • Paper – White paper only. Please note: Adhesive labels often mar book covers, making them less appealing to shoppers.
    • Ink – Ink should be all black. (Set printer to print in black and white or in grayscale.)
    • Printer – Laser is preferred; if inkjet is used, set quality to “Best/High.”
  • Print your labels only when you are sure you have all your data entered correctly.
  • If you need to modify or remove an item from the list, be sure to discard any previously printed labels for that item.
  • Each label will print in duplicate, giving you two labels for each item: one label for the outside and a duplicate for the inside. The inside label serves as an extra precaution to assure we will be able to locate your items should the outside label become compromised in any way.
  • Cut labels and tape securely to your items. CHEC is not responsible for lost items. Improperly labeled materials CANNOT be accepted for the sale.
  • Special Instructions for Items to Be Sold as a Set: To ensure that items in a set do not become separate from the set and lost, please take these additional precautions:
    • Make multiple copies of the labels and place one on each of the books in the set.
    • Securely bind items in a ziplock bag taped shut or wrapped together with clear plastic wrap so that books cannot be removed.
    • Tape a detailed list of all contents on the outside of the bag along with a label, so shoppers will know exactly what is in the bag.

    Step 3: Packing Instructions

    • Pack your items together by presorting them according to grade/subject or by category so that we can quickly get them on to the correct tables. Items that are not presorted will not be distributed to the sales tables as quickly as those that have been.
    • Pack your materials in disposable containers such as cardboard boxes. We cannot be responsible for returning containers to their owners.

    *Day of Sale* Step 4: Delivery/Drop-Off Instructions — Wednesday 6/12 7:30am–11:00am

    • Bring Printed Master Sheet Summary
    • Bring Self Addressed-Stamped Envelope for mailing check
    • Drive up to the roundabout at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC – 10150 Bellview Ave, Englewood, CO 80111) and follow “CHEC UCS Signs” to Book Check-In area in the Community Center.
    • When you drop off your items, please be prepared to spend a few minutes with a UCS volunteer to be sure you have correctly labeled and documented your materials. We want to be sure your items can be tracked for payment!

      After the Sale

        Do I have to register for the conference to shop at the UCS?

        No; you may purchase a $5 ticket to enter onsite. (However, it IS included in your conference registration, so no additional fee if you are already registered for the conference.) Single Parents MUST register before the day of the sale to receive eligible shopping perks. Link coming!!

        Do I have to sell items in order to shop at the UCS?

        No, you are welcome to come and shop even if you are not interested in selling anything. The sale is for both buyers and sellers. Sign up to sell today!

        How do I prepare my items to be sold in the Used Curriculum Sale?

        In order to sell items in the UCS, you must use our convenient barcoding system. This system includes comprehensive directions on how to categorize, label, and document the items you want to sell.

        Click here to sign up to sell today!

        Why do I need to use the online barcoding system to sell my items in the UCS?

        At the UCS, we typically handle more than 60,000 items in just under 38 hours. In order to make your selling experience both easy and profitable, we need to be able to sort and distribute your items to the proper sales tables in the shortest amount of time. Our online barcoding system seeks to make the labeling process as simple as possible by providing the specific information we need in order to facilitate sorting and distribution.

        May I bring unregistered items to sell at the UCS on Wednesday?

        No; the last day to register items to be sold and print barcode labels is Monday, June 10th at 11:59pm. Item labels must be computer-generated to contain the barcode; therefore unregistered items or handwritten labels will not be accepted for sale.

        What if I have items I would like to give away instead of trying to sell?

        This is not an option at the Used Curriculum Sale, please find someone to donate your items to at another time and location.

        When may I drop off the things I want to sell?

        The drop-off hours are listed below. When you drop off your items, please be prepared to spend a few minutes with a UCS volunteer to be sure you have correctly labeled and documented your materials. We want to be sure your items can be tracked for payment!

        • Wednesday, June 12, 7:30am–11:00am

        When may I pick up my items that did not sell?

        You MUST pick up all your unsold items on Thursday, June 13th between 4pm-5pm.

        WE NO LONGER store unsold items for pick up at the CHEC office.  Unsold items MUST be picked up after the sale at the allotted times, otherwise they become the property of CHEC.

        Do I have to pick up my items at the end of the Used Curriculum Sale?

        Only if you want your items back. Before the convention, as you prepare your items for sale, you will designate each item for either “Pick-up” or “Donate” on your item labels.

        What happens to unsold items designated "Donate"?

        Donated items become the property of CHEC and are available at the following year’s sale for single parents to “glean” during the sale or sold at a reduced price (any sales proceeds benefit CHEC). Single Parent Families have found donated items they couldn’t afford and have been greatly blessed! Donate to CHEC and we will happily provide you with a tax receipt for your donation.

        If I sell items, when will I receive a check?

        You will receive a check approximately 6-8 weeks after the conference.

        How do I volunteer in the UCS?

        Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of the UCS. It is especially crucial that UCS sellers assist in the variety of tasks required to set up and operate this one-day event. Please fill out our volunteer form, indicating the time you would like to serve. 

        What are the benefits of selling at the UCS?

        Sellers have no cost for space and table rental, advertising, and transaction costs like bounced checks or fees for debit and credit cards. We take all the risk for you! The potential for selling your items is greatly increased with a large number of attendees perusing the sale. You can also set your price as you deem to be fair and there will be no haggling or bargaining.  Finally, we have done side-by-side comparisons to Amazon.com, ebay.com and half.com and profit margins for all, including, the UCS, are all in a comparable range. We’d love for you to participate!

        Register by noon on 6/3 and save $12!

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