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Nature’s Educators

Nature’s Educators


Nature’s Educators is a 501c3 non-profit wildlife program!  We travel the state of Colorado and surrounding states to give educational presentations on wildlife and wild places.  We also offer virtual programming, flight shows, and continuing education.  Our passionate team of wildlife professionals, interns, and volunteers work hard to deliver the best programs that we can and to offer the best care possible for our ambassadors.

Speaker Sessions

CHEC out the Wildlife – Birds of Prey

(Kid’s Activity)

In this program, we will dive into the characteristics that define raptors and why they are important to our ecosystems. Audiences will discover the various types of birds of prey found all over the world, what it takes to care for a bird of prey and learn how Nature’s Educators are permitted to keep raptors. The audience will learn about their personal histories, anatomy, hunting strategies, and habitats.

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