Conference Speakers

Norm Wakefield

Spirit of Elijah Ministries


Norm Wakefield has been the Executive Director of The Spirit of Elijah Ministries International for 26 years. The goal of Norm’s ministry as an author and speaker is to call men to turn their hearts to God and their families. He equips men to apply the Gospel to life and relationships. He also has launched LiveToLoveWithJesus.com to equip the body of Christ to make disciples who live to love with Jesus. Norm and Alma, his wife of 51 years, live in Bulverde, TX.

Speaker Sessions

Rising to the Call: Can You Recognize God’s Call in Your Life?

(Family Discipleship)

Norm Wakefield believes the callings of God are irrevocable acts of God, which establish special relationships with responsibilities, privileges, and promises that provide hope for the future. Recognizing these callings of God in life, enables us to rise to those callings and lead the next generation. When we are ignorant or reject His callings in life, we are not prepared for the future. Not only does our relationship with God suffer, but also we will fail and hurt those we most want to love. Rising to God’s callings in your life provides protection and hope for the future of your family.

The Calling Out of Sons: Recognize God’s Work Between Fathers and Sons

(Family Discipleship)

God has provided tremendous insight for fathers in their relationship with their sons in the way He calls His sons into relationship with Himself. If God doesn’t call a man out of his independence and selfishness, he will remain in bondage to them to the destruction of everyone in his life. If a father doesn’t call a boy out of his independence and selfishness, he will remain a boy regardless of his age. Norm Wakefield will help you learn how God works in both of your lives through “calling out” your son.

Anchored in Christ in the Storms of Life

(Family Discipleship)

Norm Wakefield gives us a biblical tool for leading our children to anchor in Christ during the storms of life. As parents, we have to lead the way by our example. When we don’t know how to anchor into Christ, then we gather baggage in our lives that hinders us from walking in peace and love. If you have baggage in your marriage or parenting from past storms in life, you will learn how to become free in Jesus Christ.

Dads, God’s Forerunners for the Lord

(Homeschool How-To’s)

God, in His wisdom, sent John the Baptist as a forerunner for Jesus. He knew it was best for someone to prepare the hearts of His people for the coming of His Son. In His wisdom, God has also provided a forerunner for His Son in the life of your children. It’s you, dad! You’ll gain wonderful insight from Norm Wakefield as he compares the role and ministry of John the Baptist to the role and ministry of fathers. Dads, learn how to prepare the way of the Lord in the lives of your children.

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